Sunday, September 14, 2008

Invisibility Cloak

This may seem perfectly belivable when your reading a fiction book such as Harry Potter, but in the real world that's impossible, right? Wrong! Scientists invented a material that absorbs light, instead of letting it bounce off. As you can see, it dosen't absorb light completely, but absorbs most of it. Scientists at the University of Tokyo experimented this by putting a piece of copper and a piece of cloak under radiowaves. When the radiowaves hit the copper, it disturbed the pattern. But, when the waves hit the part of the cloak, it disturbed the pattern very slightly. This matereal also has a similarity to dark matter(see Dark Matter), for it also dosen't reflect light the right way, and it is also invisible. To see the video, and learn more, go to


Felicia said...

I wish I could get that... I saw somebody wearing it in new York city!!! IT was AWESOME!!!!

Kelly said...

I wonder how much that would cost... A BILLION BUCKS... [probably]