Friday, September 26, 2008

reivew for Journey to the Center of the Earth

 Journey to the Center of the Earth is a great movie and I really recommend it. It may be a little sudden it 3D, so I suggest you see it the old-fashioned way. It has a great plot of science fiction, history, and adventure. The movie is about a man, who's brother disappeared not long ago, for an unknown reason. The man is a scientist who studies what is going on under the world. he has placed many sensors throughout the world that sense the temperature underground. When that temp. exceeds a certain level, they send an alarm to the scientist. When a 4th sensor in Iceland sends an alarm, the scientist goes over there immediately to get the sensor and read its history, but the weather is terrible, so they get trapped in a mountain that leads to the center of the Earth, meanwhile the temp. rises to an extreme height in which they will not be able to survive in. Can they get out before they are boiled alive in their own bodily fluids like the man's brother? Journey to the Center to the Earth is a great movie and I really recommend it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Invisibility Cloak

This may seem perfectly belivable when your reading a fiction book such as Harry Potter, but in the real world that's impossible, right? Wrong! Scientists invented a material that absorbs light, instead of letting it bounce off. As you can see, it dosen't absorb light completely, but absorbs most of it. Scientists at the University of Tokyo experimented this by putting a piece of copper and a piece of cloak under radiowaves. When the radiowaves hit the copper, it disturbed the pattern. But, when the waves hit the part of the cloak, it disturbed the pattern very slightly. This matereal also has a similarity to dark matter(see Dark Matter), for it also dosen't reflect light the right way, and it is also invisible. To see the video, and learn more, go to

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Aluminum Foam

In science, there is a new concept of using metals. It is aluminum foam. It intigrates the property of air, and aluminum together. This foam is very usefull because we can use it in buildings. It is shock-absorbant. In case or a bomb, or just an explosion of the building gas line, the aluminum foam will absorb most of the explosion. Know how? Take your hand and run it through the air. What do you feel? No impact, right? But now take your hand and hit it against a solid. You felt the solid, but what if the force of your hand was so strong that you broke it? Same principal with buildings! You can't break the air, so why not make buildings out of air? And that's what we're doing! However, this aluminum foam is hard to make. One needs to soak a block, or sheet, of aluminum in an extremely hot, corrosion-resistant substance, soak it into another chemichal solution, in a special tank that lets out bubbles, and spreads them evenly. Making this foam is not easy, but the result is worth it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dark Matter

What is Dark Matter? Dark matter is the stuff from space that we don't see, but we can tell it exists. We can't see it because it dosen't reflect light the right way. In fact, we can't see about 70% of the universe, for it is dark matter. As it turns out, this dark matter saved our lives! A long time ago, the universe started to expand, and the dark matter, using all its gravity, pulled it together. Everything that we have seen from Earth is only 5% of what is really out there! Just to give you an idea of what remains unexplored. Some things are influenced by dark matter. Such as the stars from the spiral galaxy. They are moving too fast for them to be natural. We have proof of that besause two galaxies: M51 and NGC5195 are so close to each other, that their gravitational forces affect each other's stars. As you might already guess, there is also bright matter. Bright matter is what we can see, and reflects light the right way, but not nearly as mysterious as Dark Matter.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Look in the mirror. What if the person you see actually existed? Well, he might! Scientists think that in a different universe there is a planet just like ours, in a solar system just like ours, in a galaxy just like ours in, a universe just like ours! Think of it like the universe is looking into a mirror, except the image is real. We want this antimatter because it can produce a ton of energy. Enough to launch a space shuttle 10 times! It could be a completely new source of energy! But we have to be careful, because if one full atom of matter comes intact with it.. Oops! Nuclear explosion! That is what they are doing at C.E.R.N. world's largest study of particle phisics(see blog below). There is a theory that when they get to close to each other, they explode because particles get excited, they generate so much heat, they release so much energy, that they blow up. Like all regular atoms, antimatter atoms have antiprotons, antineutrons, antielectrons, and antinucleuses.

Particle Accelerator C.E.R.N

People at the Particle Accelerator shoot particles around a huge tube. When the particles hit each other, they create more particles. Their goal is to create Antimatter, Dark Matter(see blogs above),or recreate the Big Bang, to see how we were created. However, this project is expensive. 8 billion dollars just to build it, and the parts.