Thursday, September 11, 2008


Look in the mirror. What if the person you see actually existed? Well, he might! Scientists think that in a different universe there is a planet just like ours, in a solar system just like ours, in a galaxy just like ours in, a universe just like ours! Think of it like the universe is looking into a mirror, except the image is real. We want this antimatter because it can produce a ton of energy. Enough to launch a space shuttle 10 times! It could be a completely new source of energy! But we have to be careful, because if one full atom of matter comes intact with it.. Oops! Nuclear explosion! That is what they are doing at C.E.R.N. world's largest study of particle phisics(see blog below). There is a theory that when they get to close to each other, they explode because particles get excited, they generate so much heat, they release so much energy, that they blow up. Like all regular atoms, antimatter atoms have antiprotons, antineutrons, antielectrons, and antinucleuses.

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