Friday, September 12, 2008

Dark Matter

What is Dark Matter? Dark matter is the stuff from space that we don't see, but we can tell it exists. We can't see it because it dosen't reflect light the right way. In fact, we can't see about 70% of the universe, for it is dark matter. As it turns out, this dark matter saved our lives! A long time ago, the universe started to expand, and the dark matter, using all its gravity, pulled it together. Everything that we have seen from Earth is only 5% of what is really out there! Just to give you an idea of what remains unexplored. Some things are influenced by dark matter. Such as the stars from the spiral galaxy. They are moving too fast for them to be natural. We have proof of that besause two galaxies: M51 and NGC5195 are so close to each other, that their gravitational forces affect each other's stars. As you might already guess, there is also bright matter. Bright matter is what we can see, and reflects light the right way, but not nearly as mysterious as Dark Matter.

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Answers 4 U said...

Interesting... Have you heard of the invisible cloak?
Its REAL!!! Look it up. It reflects light!