Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Google's new browser: Google Chrome

As many of you probably already know, Google has made a ney browser called Google Chrome(this post is proudly made using Google Chrome). This browser is better than Safari, Firefox, Operah, and Internet Explorer combined. Firefox users, your browser has so many buttons that I don't know about you but they get me confused! With Chrome, all of the options are stored in a little button that says, surprisingly enough, "Options". Same with settings and bookmarks. Operah users, your browser is so...........well.............boring. I mean the buttons are so ugly! Chrome is new. It has it's own buttons, even it's own theme! I have nothing bad to say about Sarari, exsept that it dosent have tabs. Chrome has tabs so you can open many windows at a time by just clicking on the plus! Internet Explorer users, your browser is so plain and gray! So many confusing buttons and is slow(also depends on your router). To download thin amazing brpwser, follow this link:
And the best part: Its FREE! I assure you this browser has no bugs.


Answers 4 U said...

I love it too!

nexttoincomputers(figure it out) said...

Looks cool.I'm fine with Firefox.