Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Costal Redwoods

 This is some information about Costal Redwoods I dug up. Coast redwoods are truly amazing features. They grow only in California due to glacial activity. A redwood tree is considered an adult when it has lived a millennia! People come from the other side of the world to see them. Coast redwoods do not die of old age. In fact, they may produce 600,000,000 seeds per year! Coast redwoods grow in a narrow strip on the coast of California, 150 miles north of San Francisco. The strip is 500 miles long, and 20 to 50 miles wide, but the conditions have to be perfect for a coast redwood to survive. There needs to be frequent summer fog, and considerable rainfall. Redwoods usually grow with Douglas fir, Tan oak, Madrone, Grand oak, and Bay lourel. However, there can be redwoods that grow by themselves. Some animals that live near redwoods are: raccoons, skunks, elk, deer, squirrels, and birds. No wonder birds live near redwoods, because they are huge.Redwoods grow up to 360 feet tall in good conditions. They can be easily named the tallest tree species on Earth. Redwoods grow so big, because they grow very fast. A 20 year old tree grows 50 feet tall and 8 inches thick! The average size for mature redwood tree is 200-275 feet tall. The biggest trees are 200-275 feet tall. The tallest tree on Earth is named Hyperion and is 370.1 feet tall. However, in order to succeed these massive things need to reproduce.  


M. D. Vaden of Oregon said...


Stumbled upon your blog.

When you first posted - no photos of Hyperion existed online.

This winter, I located that redwood and brought some photos back.

Hyperion Redwood Tree and Largest Coast Redwoods Trees Photo Gallery

Feel free to view Hyperion if interested.



William said...

That is sooo cool