Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Camcorder

I am getting a new camcorder, and this is what it looks like. If you have any suggestions about why I shouldn't get it, than please E-mail me, or post your opinions in comments. Here is the link to the camera:

P.S. I have been getting questions from a few people and here are the answers:
Felecia: Thank you for your appritiative comments.
Lisa: Thank you. I also think I am a great writer!
Lisa: I also like that picture.
Lisa: I used to watch it all the time until Foreman, Caameron, and Chace quit.
Lisa: I know I don't post much and I appreciate your suggestions.
Freddie[not from iCarly]:Very true, however it requires a lot of labor.
Anonymous: Bet you can't even  type 10 wpm. Hippocrite.
Felicia: Wow! I always wanted to see that! Was there a lot of people?
Kelly: I do not think they will be for sale; probably just for U.S. troops.
Hana: That movie would be good if you are the si-fi kind of person. How old do you think I am?
William: I think so too!
Joanna: Of course! You are very welcome.
Anonymous: I know!!! Chase, Foreman, and Cameron quit!
Anonymous:I Googled it, and then re-designed it.
Anonymous:Thank you. I could always use some encouragement.
M.D. Vaden of Oregon: thank you for your link.
Anabella: Bob has one?
Answers 4 u: It is very cool.


It starts with an M.... said...

Safari 4 came out!!! By the way.... YOU SHOULD GET THE FLIP MINO HD [check the camcorders on cnet for the best reviews]

Ben Byers said...

Danger daniel Danger... what will you be doing with it? Somethings its good others its bad.